A revolution in coffee

Introducing BUD, the world’s first roast, grind, brew coffee pod.


Aromatic, rich, gourmet coffee

How do we take our coffee? Seriously. Each Bud is filled with the highest quality, sundried raw coffee beans to ensure the freshest and richest flavours. You choose how to roast from light to bitter dark. This is coffee without compromise.
Cup of coffee on a table overlooking a landscape


We love the convenience of coffee-pod machines, but not the impact they have on the environment. Bud is a fully biodegradable cardboard coffee pod that delivers a delicious daily coffee experience before returning its nutrients to the soil. It’s coffee as Nature intended.
Handful of coffee beans

The smarter choice

Bud is the brainchild of coffee-loving engineers. It’s a simple equation: the finest sundried raw coffee beans plus our patented technology minus harmful plastics and materials equals the perfect coffee. Multiply that by the number of coffees served daily worldwide and you can see the positive impact Bud makes.
Bud, is
the new
Bud product shot
We know you don’t believe great coffee should be at the expense of the environment. Now you can love both. From raw bean to Bud, we strive to do right by Nature, by coffee producers and by our customers. Coffee just tastes better this way.
Place the Bud
in the machine and
the magic begins
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Develop the coffee flavours and aroma of your choice
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Release the freshness and taste
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The perfect coffee is seconds away
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Back to nature

Bud is fully biodegradeable
Great coffee shouldn’t cost the Earth.

A revolution is brewing —
amazing coffee that respects the environment. Be part of it.